Founded in 2016 by a group of highly experienced lawyers with top professional careers, RRP Advogados approaches the law differently.

We are in tune with our clients

Our dedication to our clients is total and our commitment is the same whether dealing with big operations or everyday issues. More than lawyers, we position ourselves as true strategic allies, putting our expertise and ability to innovate at the service of the client’s business.


We put together the pieces of the puzzle

The areas and issues of law do not fall into watertight compartments, so we deal with all the matters entrusted to us from a global and integrated perspective.

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Our team is integrated into a global network of law firms, which has more than 3400 professionals in more than 85 jurisdictions, allowing us to offer our clients comprehensive, interdisciplinary advice in multiple geographies and industries, supported by the latest technology.


“In each challenge, we seek not only to present results, but to transcend. Therefore, our commitment is to ensure that under any circumstances and in any work, we are always able to add value. We don’t want to be just a legal advisor, but the client’s trusted legal advisor”

Ricardo Reigada Pereira, Managing Partner